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Paris Group Inc.
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1271 Gorham Road
Unit 10 Newmarket ON CANADA
L3Y 8Y7

Paris Group USA
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Paris Group Inc.
Sales Office:
1271 Gorham Road
Unit 10
Newmarket Ontario
L3Y 8Y7
416-410 8797
or Toll Free:
1 855 410 8797
1 855 410 8797
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These are all jobs we've done of different accent tile or designed tile. Of
course we can put full images and pictures on tile.

See our main website or contact us to create &
manufacture the exact tile you need to match something from long ago, or
maybe instead allows you to have the pattern you want to compliment what
you already have!

Your design or photograph of a pattern or design is now your tile!
Call us toll free 1 855 410 8797 or email
We can make small orders (often 1 tile) or large orders, even pictured tiles
as a Mural. Made in USA and CANADA