Tile Designs and Pattern Sample

A real example of what we can do (we can do virtually
anything), is this need to have triangle type tile in this
exact match to finish off part of the floor.

The customer in this case, had a worn chipped triangle
tile that you can see in the picture. His problem was he
needed more of them and of course not broken or worn.

We took his last worn piece, showing his pattern design
and color on the broken sample he couriered us.

We color matched it and re-created it, making him brand
new tiles in 12" square's that he cut and used!

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On the left:
Broken Worn Original Design &
Pattern that customer sent us.
You can see the
worn and
chipped tile
design here.

The 'white' areas
are chipped so
you can see how
rough they were.
Brand New Triangles!
Original Design & Pattern remade!
On the right:
Brand New Tile
with original
design. All the
customer did was
cut the tile into
quarters (with a
ceramic tile 'wet
saw' ) getting 4
triangles per 12"
square tile! He
needed the
triangles since
some of his were
chipped and
broken. We copied
the broken tile on
the left (fixing and
color matching the
white chips and
used them to finish
his tile job.
So, no more looking around to find what pattern may work for you!
Instead create and design your own ceramic tile/porcelain tile.

Make what you want!

We can create entire walls and floors (murals) see
for that, or customize 'accent tile' and 'design tile' for you.

Our minimum is $100 and can make as little as 2 accents (design tiles) if you need.
Call us or or call us:
1 855 410 8797 or 416 410 8797

Put our sales team, and art department working for you.

We did a job, for an Italian customer who had a big family (don't all Italians have
that?) anyway, our customer when cleaning up the attic found hand written Italian
Recipes that his grandmother had used.

All in her own handwriting and the pages aged and a tad stained with grease and

What did we do?

The neat thing was many of these recipes were still used by the extended family to
this day! So he took a photograph of the old hand written recipe book. Canada & USA

Take a photo of a barn door.

Yep, a barn door and take a close up of the red, slightly faded and weathered.

Remember, this was personal to my customer.
It was grandma's family traditonal meals and writings.

These became their Accent Tiles, that they placed on their back
splash...reminding them of 'Mom' and the home she built with
good tradtions and good cooking and love!
That photo of seemingly NOTHING, can now be used as
part of the design or accent tile on a wall or floor! Changing
everything, nobody knowing where it came from, matching
the color theme perfectly...because you created it!

Close up of the two doors together
Call us with your ideas... we can create it!

Or want to join us, we are always looking to
work with industry leaders, tile ceramic shops,
builders, designers and resellers!

1 855 410 8797 or direct 416 410 8797

email :
Some wild and colorful designed tiles.
These are all 4" x 4" tiles, showing that if you
have the image or idea - we can make it!
These are corporate logo tiles, for the city

They use them as design / accent tiles in
their government buildings.
Crazy Idea?
This is now made into a small design tile (we turned
it 90 degrees first) :

Accent tile, used to match or borders of tile around
a table or door or back-splash!